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The Harmonious Hustle

Jan 30, 2019

Today we are going to talk about money and how having more money or having less money is directly related to your environment. We are going to delve deeper into how to give yourself a well deserved upgrade.   

When you begin to have a healthy relationship with money, you recognize that it is this, energetic exchange...

Jan 28, 2019

Today’s guest Jen Casey is a business strategy + Master NLP coach for online coaches and network marketers who want to think like a top earner & turn their social media into sales. She is also the creator of the signature program Pitch to Your Niche, and host of the top-rated Inner Boss Podcast.

NLP aka Neuro...

Jan 21, 2019

It’s time for some girl talk. Real, raw, vulnerable talk about life, feelings, judgments, relationships and settling. My guest today, Sarah Pendrick, is as humble as they come so I am going to brag for her.

She runs events that are constantly selling out. Where you find Sarah you will find women asking when the next...

Jan 16, 2019

Part of living in a harmonious household and really showing up for the work that you need to do in the world is understanding what YOU need most in order to function at full capacity.

Today I'm sharing this with you because I want you to notice what comes up for you when you take a mental health day. Understanding the...

Jan 14, 2019

On today’s episode my guest is someone that I truly look up to. He is someone that I will call on for guidance. He has seen me crying while moving through it. He has also been there to cheer me on.

He is my coach; Tim Storey and I am so excited to share him with you today. He is an acclaimed author, speaker and life...